Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running on empty.

The most-asked question recently:

"So, how's the wedding planning going?"

Sigh. It's going nowhere, to be perfectly honest. I've made a half-hearted attempt at gathering addresses for save the date cards. I saw a dress in the Express (for those of you not in the DC area, the Express is a small newspaper published by The Washington Post designed to be readable on your metro ride to work) that was cute. I saved the clip - that counts for something, right? I searched craigslist a few times for vintage dresses.

Honestly, I don't think things will pick up at all planning-wise until I:
a) move into my new apartment, which will be later this week.
b) have a serious talk with my parents about what they're willing to do moneywise.
c) have the same such talk with Eric's parents.
d) figure out what's left.
e) stop having, "why didn't we just elope?" thoughts.

The next step has been the same for months: find a reception site. I'm no longer sure that Alli the Curious Cook can cater. Food licenses and whatnot. I'm thinking about advice my mom and a coworker gave, which is to think about having the reception at a restaurant. That might be a good option, since that skips most of a rental fee. I'm sure there's some fee involved, but I'd bet it's not in the thousands. Sheesh.

Ok, I need some goals for God's sake. How about this: secure a reception site by October. Start making save the date cards and invitations in November and finish by January. Inquire about family wedding dresses when I'm home in September.

I think that's a good start. Now keep me to it.

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