Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Means of transport!

So how do you guys think Hannah and Eric should get from ceremony to reception? I've included some options.

They're the only two people I trust to make that last one way less barf-inducing.

But really the mode of transport will probably be some home-brew combination built on their tiny deck out of reclaimed construction materials and a free bike from Craigslist.

Recruiting volunteers for safety tests!


  1. Good news! My bro Bubba has officially volunteered to be a crash test dummy!

  2. I am a big fan of rickshas. Maybe some kind of ricksha/wagon contraption with all of the wed-peeps pulling the couple along on bikes, goats, ect. Wait, are we going to be doing this near traffic?

  3. The first two and a half miles of the journey from chapel to reception site are on a paved bike path along a stream. The last half-mile is on a two-lane road. It's not an incredibly busy road, but we're thinking of getting some sort of signage to warn drivers that a bike parade is coming through.

  4. I am beyond excited for this! I will need to master my picture taking while riding a bike, haha!