Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cake Post

Hey hey, it's time to hear from some Groomage.

As resident cake, sweets, junk food, and all-things-bad-for-you expert, I have taken on the duty of arranging for the cake. (And beer. More on that later.)

Although Hannah's opinions on cake are fastidious enough that my request for peanut butter filling was denied (I didn't even bother to suggest a cake-sized peanut butter cup) local pastry chef Sam Burdman and I have discussed several possibilities that will please the eye and belly alike.

I'm a chocolate lover myself, but considering the oodles of white people that will be in attendance, I thought it a good idea to have the cake made up of both chocolate and vanilla layers. There's going to be a filling; one option is to have alternating flavors, with chocolate filling in the vanilla layer(s) and vice versa. This would be fitting as it would symbolize the racial unity as Hannah's and my peoples (German Catholic and Irish Protestant) come together at last.

I also like berries though. Personally, I'm feeling a raspberry jam filling.

I'm also hoping to sneak in one surprise slice filled with toothpaste.

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