Sunday, July 20, 2008

East meets West

This is a post all about our party favors: maple syrup and hot sauce. We wanted to pick gifts that represented both of our backgrounds. So we needed something southwestern and something northeastern.

Mine was a more last-minute decision - on a tip from my Mom, I got in touch with a Mesa, Ariz. based company for locally-made hot sauce and salsas. We ordered several cases from the site. They gave us free shipping since it was a big order, and the customer service was great.

But Eric's favors were the big hit of the day. His cousin Lyles taps trees and makes maple syrup himself on their family's dairy farm in West Chazy, N.Y. Especially considering our newfound locavore tendencies, I was really excited by the prospect of nabbing some homemade syrup. Mel got in touch with Lyles and figured everything out. In the spring, we heard from Mel and Rick that Lyles had put aside the best of the best for us. As of breakfast this morning, I can vouch that the syrup is de-licious. Especially on chocolate chip pancakes.

But typical of my peeps, the fun doesn't stop at good-tasting syrup. Here's a small sampling of the fun everyone had with syrup at the wedding. Photos courtesy of Lara Swanson, KB and Sally.

Amanda hoarded about 20 bottles.

My college roommates Kelly and Leah getting a crazy sugar high.

Kelly surreptitiously bags an extra bottle.

Ali, who I've babysat since she was four, marvels at the viscosity.

Even Eric and I couldn't help but get in on the fun. We took one bottle with us to share in our North Carolina adventures.

Hanging out at Jockey Ridge State Park.

Biking without a helmet, very dangerous.

Chillin at the beach.

Uh oh. Looks like he fell in with the wrong crowd.

Back at home, this bottle met its end on my chocolate chip pancakes.

So good. I highly recommend you all break out your West Chazy syrup and enjoy it on some pancakes or waffles as soon as possible. Many thanks go out to Lyles Trombly, who made the awesome syrup for us, and Mel, who helped coordinate.

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