Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highlight Reel

Can't believe that it's already been almost a month since this whole thing went down. Married life is good... the transition has been easy since there wasn't much to transition between as a couple. Everything is as good as it always has been, except now I have this ring on my finger that I accidentally try to eat sometimes when I'm eating Cheez-its. We're definitely settling back into a life-as-usual routine, with Hannah back to work and me back to spending most of my waking hours in my special summer vacation underwear.

But even a month later, we're still sorting through a lot.
Thank-you cards went out earlier this week. The next big project for me has been assembling a wedding photo album (more details on that in a bit). We've also begun finding our favorite pictures, printing some of them off, and framing them. It's funny, I'm as wired, digital, and multimedia as they come (just check out our new computer!), so I found clicking through the pictures to be pretty satisfying. However, nothing has compared to actually printing the things off and looking at them. Seeing a physical representation of the wedding seems to confirm that it actually happened.

We're still pretty high on it. I bet that about a third of our conversations are still at least somewhat wedding-oriented.

Another thing we've been doing a lot is just swapping memories--some of which are shared, many of which aren't. With such a big production, both of us couldn't be there for everything awesome that happened throughout the weekend. Personally, I would have loved to have seen Ollie playing as a rather notorious character on the Wii, as well as one of my best friends showing up another one of my best friends on the dance floor with what was apparently the most awesome dance move ever. Also, as it's inevitable that we'll forget them over time, we've started committing these "remember whens" to paper, for the ages. So in 15 years, when our young son Boba Fett Belec asks what "Juan's confession" was, things are going to be nice and remembered.

Fortunately, though, many of our favorite moments were captured on camera, and this post is (ultimately) about one of them. Talk about your-collision-of-worlds moments. This one featured Matt, whom I have known since high school, doing an awesometastic disco dance with my new sister-in-law, Rachel, to the tune of "Canned Heat," by Jamiroquai (one of the most underrated bands in the bast 15 years)--the song featured in the dance scene in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." Surreal, hilarious, and too awesome for words. I was really happy to be there for this one, and was even happier to find out that longtime friend/musical cohort Phil caught the moment on video. Thus it shall be preserved for the ages... or at least until this computer's hard drive does what my old one did.

Soooo ladies and gentleman, without any further delay... Rachel and Matt!!!!

Video courtesy of Phil.

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