Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Anti-Registry

Many of you party people have been asking the age-old wedding question:

Where are you registered?

Eric and I decided that rather than registering for a bunch of expensive, useless shit from the most boring store ever we're going to suggest that you make a donation in our names at one of two worthy organizations.

My pick is, a micro-lending non-profit that allows people to donate in small increments to entreprenuers in poverty-stricken nations. Oh, man. I'm on hyphen overload from that first sentence. Anywho, the payback rate is incredibly high, and when you get your loan money paid back, you can re-invest it in another small business. Through Kiva, you can help a woman in Azerbaijan buy four calves for her dairy farm, a family in the Dominican Republic expand their general store and a woman in Kenya start a dressmaking business.

If you so choose to donate to Kiva on our behalf, you can easily do so online here. You'll see that you can fill in either Eric's or my name and email, so we'll get an acknowledgment of your gift.

Eric's pick is the Washington, D.C. based Levine School of Music, which provides free music instruction to hundreds of kids. It makes music accessible especially to kids who couldn't otherwise afford it. You can learn about the organization at, and you can donate through the website and put our names in the reference box or by mailing a donation c/o Stan Spracker to:

Sallie Mae Hall
2801 Upton Street
NW Washington, DC 20008.

We feel pretty strongly that this is the biggest opportunity we'll have to make good-sized donations to worthy causes, and we don't feel like we need new plates or toasters. We've been living out of the nest long enough to have all the necessities and more. Between us, we have plenty of crap to fill up the house we'll be saving for once this whole shebang is over.

So unless it's handmade or a family heirloom (in the case of our relatives), we'd like you to consider the aforementioned organizations.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Hi Hannah and Eric -

    I'm from Levine School of Music, and we all loved your idea for the anti-registry and were thrilled Eric chose Levine. We'd like to make a mention of this in our upcoming newsletter to families - could you please contact me at and let me know if this would be okay with you?

    Thank you,