Sunday, May 18, 2008

Song Requests

We want them!!

In an effort to cut costs and make the reception itself more personal, Hannah and I decided very early in the planning process that we would forego a band OR a DJ, and handle the music ourselves. Naturally, this has the significant downside of one of us spending the night manning the stereo, loading CDs and songs all night long, but we came up with another idea that was both affordable and low-maintenance. We'll borrow my band's PA system, plug in an iPod (or laptop) with a prearranged playlist, hit "play," and call it a night! We'll still be pausing and restarting as the night progresses and we need to move from one thing to the next, but it'll be low maintenance and allow us much more control over the music than we would have had in almost any other case.

Except for putting the playlist itself together, which is where you come in. While playing through my collection of Umphrey's McGee (pictured above) albums was briefly considered, Hannah and I both decided that at least a little variety would be ideal. We've been combing through our respective collections for songs that are meaningful for the occasion ("Anyone Else" by the Moldy Peaches), straight funky/dancey ("Billie Jean is NOT my luv-ah..."), and oddly amusing ("Contact" by Phish).

However, in order to fill in those 6-something hours, we really need your ideas. We're kind of envisioning the music in two "sets:" one entry-and-dinner set of mellower stuff, and the get-out-of-your-seat-and-shake-your-moneymaker set in which people will get out of their seats and kindly shake their moneymakers (also pictured above). While we could use suggestions for both, we need ideas for songs that will get people up and dancing and/or rocking out.

Hannah's and my tastes touch on most genres and time periods (north of the 60's anyway), so we're down for almost anything. However, that doesn't REALLY matter... we want as many people dancing as possible, so request whatever will get you out of your seat and excited*.

Email us or leave a comment with any requests you have, and we'll see what we can do!

*To a point. Any requests for GWAR, C.W. McCall, or Nickelback will result in immediate removal from the guest list and the immediate dispatch of twelve Jehovah's Witnesses and/or Cylon Centurions to your doorstep.

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  1. Playing through your 50-odd Umphrey's McGee shows was never, ever considered.