Monday, June 23, 2008

If you really want to see me, check the papers and the T.V.

Check it, droogs. In this scan from the Hill paper Roll Call, you can see two TU interns and yours truly reporting on endangered Pacific salmon issues at a press conference in front of the Capitol. Work has been hectic the past few weeks. We needed to get all copy done and off for design before I left. Honestly, I was glad to have something to think about besides wedding details.

We're gearing up for the last few days, party people. I hope you're excited. Eric and I had a stressful weekend, during which we just kind of wallowed and caved under the weight of the things we have left to do. I was really irritable and then spread the gloom to Eric, who became mopey. Eric noted last night that while I deal with stress by being explosive (while Eric calms me down), he deals with stress by drawing it all in (by then I just call a spade a spade while adding a little "we can do it!" pep). It works out quite well.

So methinks we're back on keel. Eric is dutifully doing my bidding during his first weeks of summer vacation, so he's making calls and running errands all over town. Our first peeps arrive tomorrow when Eric's folks and Ramie drive down from Connecticut. My parents drive in on Wednesday (they've been on the road since Friday) with my dad's mom, Grandma Mary. I'll pick up KB and Amanda on Wednesday night from BWI. My siblings come in starting late Wednesday night, and by Friday everyone should be in town to rehearse and throw down on Friday and Saturday. Eeegads it's almost here.

We'll be busy shuttling people around, picking flowers, picking up produce from the farm, and making poofs! Oh man. I can't wait to see you. Party on.

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