Wednesday, June 4, 2008

T-minus 23 Days

Well my droogies, I'd be lying if I said the whole less-than-a-month-away thing didn't sneak up on me. So welcome to freak-out time.

There's nothing specific to flip shit over, just an impending sense of doom. The nightmares started a few weeks ago, but I quickly started re-reading Offbeat Bride, which is so awesome in so many ways. I reviewed the chapters on family drama, dealing with stress (although the author's methods are different than mine) and food tips.

Eric and I seem to have meetings or other plans every freakin' weeknight, so we've been wigging out over other things. Today I nearly cried over what should have been simple editing, and I ran out of words trying to explain to a colleague that "actually, I'm not bringing anything to the breakfast buffet tomorrow" because I'll be pulling out my hair trying to get a reasonable amount of sleep, so I can't take the time to bake or buy something. Today we had a late meeting in Rockville, so I took the train to meet Eric up there because it's close to his school. After eating, we went to hang out in his classroom, where he took a nap on the floor while I watched the admittedly cathartic Clean House.

All right, enough venting. For news, we have a few things. The first is that I'll need anyone's help putting together these pom-pom centerpieces, as well as huge pom-poms for pew decorations. There won't be a tremendous amount of work here: some stick and jar gathering mostly. And since it's a small wedding (about eight tables and 10 or 12 pews' worth of people) there won't be too many poofs. Methinks my poofs should be yellow instead of orange because yellow makes me think of Bode. My mom is a master big-ass bow maker, so I'm sure she can improvise a cool poof/bow system for attaching them to pews.

Although Belec is still sorting out the beer, my mom and Nana have graciously tended to the wine and champagne, both of which my parents are carting out from Arizona's Kokopelli vineyard.

I've been talking with Mama Lucia's, and I found out they have gluten-free pasta options, so let me know if you're interested in/require a gluten-free meal.

I know all of this is frenzied and unconnected, but you try learning to waltz from YouTube while juggling evening appointments and hard magazine deadlines fast approaching. Go ahead, give it a try.

That's all for now, my droogies. It's bedways for me.

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