Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Question: What Do I Wear?

The answers:

Buuut seriously, here's what we're thinking.

The wedding and the reception will both be "casual." Not still-in-your-Stewie-Griffin- pajamas-attending-that- COMM-class-you-hate-that- time-when-you-were-a-sophomore casual, but wedding casual. I'll be in a new suit, picked out from Men's Wearhouse with the help of groomspeep Grant. Hannah will be in her Nana's wedding dress for the ceremony, and a sun dress for the bike ride and reception. Wedding parties and parents will all be similarly attired.

However, with high temperatures these days consistently in the 80s and 90s and the humidity somewhere between 70 percent and the inside of a goldfish bowl, we still want everybody to be comfortable. The suggestions below will be best suited to keeping everybody looking sharp and feeling good.

Sun dresses
Anything linen
Nice sandals

Nice shorts
Nice sandals

Obviously, there are other accessories and aspects of the wardrobe to consider (such as hats), but think along these lines and you'll be fine. In the end, if you show up too far on either extreme of the fashion spectrum, we'll just be happy to see you.

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